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Skyfion+ has the vision to be the bridge between Brands and Talents, Creators and Consumers. That’s why we keep building a strong community of social media-minded people who love to share their passion and honest opinion about products and services with others on social media. We do this within three vertical markets; Mobility, Sport, and Entertainment. With our Marketing Platform and Agency, called Skyfion, we support Brands and connect Skyfion+ with these Brands. Skyfion is the company behind Skyfion+ Social Club. So become a member and get membership advantages you will love! The Creator Economy Future starts here.

You as member

Why should you become a member? Whether you are a Talent & Social Influencer, a Sport Athlete, (UGC) Creator, or a Consumer using social media. If you become a member, you will be part of the journey into the future of the creator economy within our community. As a member of this community, you will have more power in the creator economy! That can mean brand partnerships, Talent & Athlete management (available in the future), VIP promotion deals, or group buy campaigns. And becoming a member is free! You only need to fill in a form with questions about your interests and some personal questions.

Monetize your passion

Do you like to share your honest opinion about products and services with your followers, friends, and family on a social media platform? Or are you an aspiring digital creator who wants to monetize your social media reach or create UGC videos for Brands? Then you are in the right place! As a social club with a marketing platform and agency behind it, we support brands in promoting their products or services with influencer marketing and User-Generated Content. And we help you as a member to get these brands’ attention to your creative work.

Fields of interests

As mentioned, we focus on three verticals: Mobility, Sport, and Entertainment. But we do not exclude projects in other markets and niches. If you sign up for the free membership, you will find a long list of interestest you can select. We can reach out to you based on your interests in influencer marketing campaigns, UGC opportunities, and our Consumer Brand Ambassardorshop Program (VIP Discounts and Group Buy). We are preparing our Discord Server right now, so the initial communication will be via email. Later, we will add Discord to communicate with you as a Social Club member for the ones who are interested. We are also preparing for the Web3 revolution ahead. More information about our Web3 and the Metaverse project will follow via email and Discord.

You & Social Media

The “You & Social Media” Program is there for your well-being on social media. On one side, we find your mental health very important in the social media environment. And on the other, growing your professional digital presence as an aspiring Talent or Content Creator. Both things go hand in hand within the thriving social media environment. If you become a Social Club member, you will get access to this program later on, as we are currently developing that. Then you will have information about insights collaborating with brands, contracting, negotiating with them, and many more helpful topics.

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